Nanosensor is a very tiny device which is capable of detecting and responding to any physical stimuli with dimensions of less than 100nm. Nanosensors are any chemical, biological or surgical parts that is used to convey information about nanoparticles to the macroscopic world. The use of nanosensors mainly involves various medicinal purposes and as gateways to building other nanoproducts, such as computer chips that work at the nanoscale and nanorobots. Currently, there are many ways proposed to make nanosensors, including top-down lithography, bottom-up assembly, and molecular self-assembly.

  • Molecular self-assembly
  • Metal nanoparticle based sensor
  • Quantum dot sensor
  • Nanowire based sensor
  • Carbon nanotube based sensor
  • Sensors based on nanostructures of metal oxide
  • Sensors based on polymeric nanostructures
  • Optical Sensors

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